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Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law

Stanford Law School, J.D.

Yale University, B.A.


New York
District of Columbia
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Albert Francke
Of Counsel
New York
PHONE: +1 212 696 6010
FAX: +1 212 697 1559
OTHER:+1 518 789 9000
OTHER FAX:+1 518 789 9789
Portfolio Investment - Foreign Investment in the United States
Corporate Law and Practice
Albert Francke
Limited Partnerships in Cross-Border Transactions
International Corporate Law, no. 63
Albert Francke, Co-author
May 23, 1994
Limited Partnerships Maximize Investment
International Corporate Law at S2
Albert Francke, Mark H. Barth
May 1994
Ireland Lures the U.S. Dollar
International Corporate Law
Albert Francke, Co-author
Irish Limited Partnerships
International Corporate Law, no. 40
Albert Francke, Co-author
June 1993
SEC Regulations on Foreign Fund Managers
Global Investor, no. 63
Albert Francke
Modification of Mexican Arbitration Law
7 Journal of International Arbitration 90
Albert Francke
July 1987
U.S. Shareholders in Foreign Investment Companies
6 International Financial Law Review 22-23 19
Albert Francke, Alan S. Berlin, Marco Blanco
Capital Flows between Developed Countries
Columbia Business Law Review, Vol. II.
Albert Francke
June 1986
Threats to Reciprocal Sales of U.S. and U.K. Mutual Funds
International Financial Law Review
Albert Francke, Co-author
1980 and 1983
International Mutual Funds
International Financial Law, 1st and 2nd ed.
Albert Francke
January/February 1983
U.S. Securities Laws Applicable to the Sale of Foreign Mutual Funds in the United States
Business Law Review, vol. IV, nos. 1 and 2
Albert Francke
Offshore Mutual Funds
Corporate Law and Practice
Albert Francke
International Lawyers