News 25 Feb. 2014

Curtis Restructuring and Insolvency Co-Chair L.P. Harrison 3rd Speaks at INSOL's Annual Regional Conference in Hong Kong

L.P. Harrison 3rd, co-chair of Curtis' Restructuring and Insolvency Group, will speak at the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals' (INSOL) Annual Regional Conference in Hong Kong on March 23rd to 25th. Mr. Harrison will participate in the session, 'A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: the Current Climate in Maritime and Shipping Insolvencies,' which will address the state of the maritime and shipping industry in the current economic climate. The shipping industry has unique aspects which can make restructurings challenging, and a number of issues, such as the enforcement of foreign stays, marine terminal contracts and maritime liens, will be discussed.

INSOL International is a world-wide federation of national associations for accountants and lawyers who specialize in turnarounds and insolvency.

Mr. Harrison is a fellow of INSOL International, a recognition he achieved through the completion of an advanced educational qualification course focusing on international insolvency, which provides practitioners and turnaround experts with the knowledge of transnational and international aspects of legal and financial problems of businesses in distress.