News 01 Jul. 2015

L.P. Harrison 3rd Invited to Join International Insolvency Institute as Member

L.P. Harrison 3rd, co-chair of Curtis' Restructuring and Insolvency group, has been nominated for membership in the International Insolvency Institute.

Membership in the prestigious organization is available only by invitation. The Institute is limited to just 350 members.

The Institute is composed of a worldwide network of leading members of the insolvency community from the legal, judicial, academic and regulatory communities.

Mr. Harrison was invited to join due to his “prominence in the insolvency area, reputation and experience in the international area.”

The International Insolvency Institute is “a non-profit limited-membership invitational organization in the international insolvency area which is making a significant contribution to improvements in the international system for cross-border and multinational reorganizations and restructurings and to the development of fair and effective insolvency and secured transactions legislation around the world.” It is represented in more than 60 countries.