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The Islamic Finance, Investment and Banking practice at Curtis encompasses all aspects of Islamic finance and banking and Shari`ah-compliant investments. We provide sophisticated, comprehensive, yet pragmatic, product development, documentation and transactional implementation services on a global basis. 

Curtis Islamic finance attorneys have been at the forefront in the development, documentation and transactional implementation of unique, “first-of-a-kind” and other bespoke Islamic finance, investment and banking products since the mid-1990s and been internationally recognized and honored for their work. In many instances, they have been instrumental in anticipating and establishing the legal infrastructure, legal architecture and industry standards for those markets.  Curtis lawyers are also leading Islamic finance educators at major universities and training organizations.  The firm also provides continuing Islamic finance, investment and banking informational updates through a firm blog. 

Our attorneys have experience with virtually every type of contract and structure that is used in Islamic finance, investments and banking, and with the applications of those contracts and structures across a broad range of different categories of business and economic activity.  We regularly negotiate, document and implement transactions using ijara, murabaha, musawamma, mudaraba, musharaka (particularly diminishing musharaka), other sharikat forms, istisna`a, wakala, salam, arboon, sukuk of different types, wadia, kafalah, rahn, adl, qard hasan, tahawwut, waqf and other contracts and structures. 

The industries in which we apply these contracts and structures  include: banking; investment banking; capital markets instruments and trading; energy and power; oil and gas; petrochemicals; mining; real estate of every type (residential, commercial and mixed use); private equity; hotels and lodging; life settlements; exchange traded funds; distressed debt investing; bankruptcy and insolvency; and dispute resolution. 

The Curtis Islamic finance, investment and banking practice is organized around:

  • Special Projects and Industry Matters

  • Financial Products and Structures (many of which are unique, “first-of-a-kind” or otherwise bespoke projects)

  • Investment Funds

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Reorganization

  • Real Estate Investments, which is subdivided into Investment Funds, North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and Construction Finance

  • Sukuk, Bonds, Securitizations and Notes

  • Infrastructure and Project Finance

  • Aircraft, Vessel, Equipment and Leasing Finance

  • Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures and Private Equity

  • Trade and Manufacturing Finance

  • Dispute Resolution, including Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation


The Curtis Islamic Finance, Investment and Banking Practice is globally integrated across all of our 16 offices.  Our offices in Almaty, Astana, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Muscat and New York are especially active in providing local, national and international Islamic finance, investment and banking services.


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