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The Curtis Investment Management group has been counseling investment managers and investors on a global scale for close to half a century. Our clients include domestic and international financial institutions, fund managers and their sponsors and principals. We also represent investors such as funds of funds, pension plans, governmental and quasi-governmental institutions, sovereign wealth funds, high-net-worth individuals, their family offices and other institutional investors.

The range of services provided by the group includes:

    • Developing tailored structures for the alternative investment community, in particular in the areas of private equity funds and hedge funds

    • Assisting with the registration and compliance of public funds, in particular European UCITS funds

    • Working closely with clients through the formation, capital-raising and investment process to identify issues, develop practical solutions and provide an informed view of the market

    • Advising on management issues and investment opportunities after a fund launch, and monitoring the legal aspects of a fund and its operation

    • Implementing the formation of special-purpose vehicles or negotiating preferential terms in order to help minimize the risk and maximize the value of an investment

    • Restructuring existing fund complexes and advising on related issues such as change of fund managers and service providers, tax implications, liquidation of U.S. , European and offshore entities, asset transfers, relative valuations, and working with all involved parties to address potential or actual conflicts of interest or disputes among investors or managers in the course of a reorganization

The global reach of our team–which encompasses attorneys in our offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia–facilitates the firm's ability to structure products in an environment characterized by the unprecedented global movement of capital. Lawyers in the group have experience in establishing and advising on investments in funds in the United States and in other jurisdictions, including Bermuda, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Channel Islands and the Netherlands Antilles. Curtis has well-established relationships with correspondent counsel and experience with service providers in each of these jurisdictions.

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