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Past Events:

September 16, 2010
Compliance: From Product Marketing Collateral to Knowing Who You're Working With
HedgeWorld Seminar: Is Your Story Strong Enough?
June 18, 2009
Taking Control
HedgeWorld's Spring 2009 Fund Services Conference, New York
July 29, 2008
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Perspective
Fifth Annual Hedge Fund Incubation and Seeding Conference, New York
July 17, 2008
Complying with FINRA & SEC Marketing Requirements
2008 Summer Marketing & Client Servicing for Hedge Funds Conference, New York
May 12, 2008
Troubled Hedge Fund Liquidations
American Bankruptcy Institute's 10th Annual New York City Bankruptcy Conference, New York
February 12, 2008
Complying With FINRA & SEC Marketing Requirements
Hedge Fund Business Operations Association Marketing and Client Servicing for Hedge Funds Conference
January 30, 2008
Terms and Conditions for Starting a Hedge Fund Through Seeding/Incubation
Financial Research Associates 4th Annual Hedge Fund Incubation and Seeding Conference
October 5, 2007
Valuation Guidelines and Fair Value Accounting Update
Financial Resource Associates Hedge Fund Financial Reporting Seminar
October 2, 2007
Seeding Capital: The Tradeoffs
Lipper HedgeWorld Investor Outlook 2007
October 2007
Optimizing Your Fund's Tax Efficiency: Tax Fundamentals and Managing General Partners
Financial Research Associates' 7th Annual Tax Practices for Private Equity Funds Conference
Marco A. Blanco
September 11, 2007
Managing Costly Cash Flow Mismatches Through Credit Facilities
Financial Research Associates Annual Hedge Fund Business Operations Forum
April 24, 2007
Legal and Regulatory Issues in Setting Up a Hedge Fund Management Company
Financial Research Associates 3rd Annual Hedge Fund Incubation and Seeding Conference
February 6, 2007
Hedge Fund Blowups - A Case Study
MARHedge 12th Annual European Conference On Alternative Investments
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