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In today’s digital world, cybersecurity has never been more important.  At the same time, data privacy and protection laws around the world are becoming increasingly complex, with the threat of imposing severe penalties for violations.  Curtis’ Cybersecurity and Privacy group is well-positioned to assist clients, ranging from corporations to government entities, mitigate cyber-risk and navigate the ever-evolving regulatory framework in this area.

The Cybersecurity and Privacy group is comprised of attorneys with experience in legal and regulatory matters involving cybersecurity, data privacy, and information management issues.  The group offers an array of services to clients, such as:

  • Training seminars for employees on the current cybersecurity threats and best practices for protecting systems and data from a breach
  • Assessment, development, and implementation of cybersecurity, data privacy, and document retention and destruction policies, as well as incident-response plans for an event of breach
  • Regulatory advice on meeting data protection requirements and disclosure obligations under local and foreign privacy laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Strategic advice on incident response efforts, including how to effectively utilize legal process to identify and pursue those responsible for a breach
  • Litigation under computer and data protection laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the Stored Communications Act (SCA)

With cybersecurity and privacy attorneys in multiple offices, our group is well-equipped to serve clients around the world on all matters related to cybersecurity, data privacy, and information management.

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