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May 1, 2017
Three Curtis Lawyers Participate in Juris’ 11th Annual Investment Treaty Arbitration Conference in Washington, D.C.
Speakers: Dr. Borzu Sabahi, Justin M. Jacinto, Arianna Sanchez


Three Curtis attorneys participated in the 11th Annual Juris Conference on Investment Treaty Arbitration, which took place on April 25, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The conference, co-chaired by Washington, D.C.-based partner Borzu Sabahi, focused on technology, IP and investor-state arbitration. Washington, D.C. partner Justin Jacinto also participated in the conference as a speaker in a panel discussion entitled “Remedies in IP Investment Arbitration,” and New York associate Arianna Sanchez presented a paper on the same topic, which she co-authored with Washington, D.C. associate Carlos Guzman.

Earlier in April, transcripts from the 2016 conference were published in the 10th volume of Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law, which included contributions from Partners Benard V. Preziosi Jr., Borzu Sabahi and Associate Marat Umerov.  Chapter 13 of the book includes a transcript of Mr. Preziosi’s panel, “Damages in investment arbitration – a revolutionary remedy or reward for rich corporations at the expense of the world’s poor?‎  A fundamental examination of Chorzow’s children.” Mr. Sabahi’s panel, “10 years of abusive round pegs in square holes or a system of already moving in the right direction,” is recorded in Chapter 6 of the book.  Mr. Umerov’s contribution appears in Chapter 5, and is entitled “Problems of ‘Investment,’ and ‘Investor’ Notions in Investor State Dispute Settlement: Reflections and Outlook.”  To view the book, click here.

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