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June 5, 2012
Steven J. Reisman, Partner (New York), Quoted in New York Law Journal


Steven J. Reisman, co-chair of the firm's Restructuring and Insolvency practice, was quoted in the New York Law Journal on June 4, 2012. The article, "Dewey Judge Pushes Lawyers to Get to the Point," which discusses the Dewey & LeBoeuf bankruptcy proceedings, quotes both those involved with the case and individuals in the field. Of Southern District Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn, who is presiding over the bankruptcy, Reisman says that his litigation background is a real bonus; "He comes to the bench with an open mind."

Reisman advises, "You have to be very well prepared" on the facts and the case law "going into his courtroom. You can never bank that he's going to rule in your favor." Reisman also notes that while some judges remain quiet when they are in agreement with a party, but Glenn "actually cross examines both sides."

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