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November 16, 2011
Curtis International Arbitration Lawyers Featured in ILI Program on Investment Treaties and Investor State Arbitration


Six members of the Curtis International Arbitration Group participated in a two-week program organized by the International Law Institute (ILI) in Washington, D.C., leading seminars on investor-state arbitrations for a group of government officials from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and 15 attorneys from China. The courses were designed to address the issues arising from the increasing number of bilateral investment treaties and arbitrations of disputes between foreign investors and host governments.

Miriam Harwood, partner (New York), led the session entitled "Expropriation and Compensation," discussing the principles and standards under international law and international investment treaties concerning lawful and unlawful expropriations and the determination of compensation, including a review of numerous international arbitration case studies.

Claudia Frutos-Peterson, senior consultant (Washington, D.C.), gave a presentation on "Consent, Identity of Respondents, Identity of Claimants and Subject Matter Jurisdiction."

Borzu Sabahi, associate (Washington, D.C.) and Kabir Duggal, associate (New York) discussed "Damages and other remedies in international investment arbitration – compensation, restitution, moral damages, interest, costs."

Marat Umerov, associate (Washington, D.C.) covered "State Defenses – Necessity."

Justin Jacinto, associate (Washington, D.C.) presented on "Exceptions, Schedules and Reservation Lists in Investment Agreements."

ILI is a non-profit organization with a mission to "foster prosperity through the rule of law" and organizes a number of courses on various aspects of international investment law and arbitration as well as other subjects such as public procurement and privatization. Borzu Sabahi is a co-director of the ILI's International Law Center, and was responsible for coordinating the program, which Curtis hosted at its offices in Washington, D.C.

Curtis has been ranked as one of the top firms in the world for international arbitration. Our International Arbitration Group handles many of the world's largest and most significant arbitrations, currently including approximately 30 cases involving an aggregate amount of claims of $100 billion.

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