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Curtis was founded in 1830 as one of the first international law firms. Today, we have 17 offices located on four continents throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Central Asia. Our firm handles some of the most exciting, innovative and cutting-edge legal work in the world. We continue to flourish as a mid-sized international firm going head-to-head against a raft of mega firms. Our success stems from the unique culture and strong services that produce consistently excellent results for our clients. We believe that our size is our strength. At Curtis, no associate gets lost in the shuffle.

Junior associates at Curtis grow and learn under the guidance and tutelage of some of most accomplished lawyers in the profession. We staff our client teams leanly, with junior associates typically working directly with a partner or senior associate on their matters. Associates are given real responsibility and client contact very early. We are committed to the success of each of our attorneys and work hard to foster their development.

The hallmarks of a successful career at Curtis include:

An Emphasis on Excellence

Above all else, Curtis attorneys are excellent lawyers. Excellence includes strong legal skills, mature judgment and the ability to operate in a sophisticated manner that fosters an attorney-client relationship built on trust.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

We want our attorneys to take a "proprietary" interest in the firm and its clients. Our attorneys are expected to be entrepreneurial and to take initiative in strategy and problem solving, always placing the best interests of the client first.

A Collaborative Approach

At Curtis we emphasize collaboration, not competition. We work in teams that frequently cut across offices and practice groups, and count on a mutually beneficial working relationship among our professionals to produce successful results.


Our compensation package provides associates with competitive base salaries in each of the markets in which we operate.

The Review Process

In keeping with our belief in open communication and attorney development at every stage, each associate is reviewed by a supervisor on every matter throughout their career. Supervisors provide feedback on key skills such as writing, legal and factual analysis, and professionalism. At least once a year, attorneys receive a formal, in-person review. In addition to comprehensive evaluations from supervisors, Curtis lawyers are given a clear indication of their progress in the firm, especially in the later years as the goal of partnership approaches.

Training and Development

A vigorous training program contributes to the strength of our firm. We devote considerable resources to the legal training and development of our lawyers. Curtis attorneys benefit from comprehensive training opportunities at each stage of their career, including practical, hands-on training. Curtis also has a continuing legal education series that keeps our lawyers apprised of the latest substantive legal developments in each of the firm's practice areas.

Firm Structure and Leadership

Curtis is divided into six departments (Corporate, Litigation, Real Estate, Restructuring and Insolvency, Tax, and Trusts and Estates), with a number of practice areas within and across departments. We have 17 offices worldwide, including in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Muscat, Almaty, Ashgabat, Astana, Beijing, Houston, Dubai and Washington, D.C.

The firm is structured as a limited liability partnership for the practice of law under the laws of the State of New York. We are governed by a management committee elected by the partnership. George Kahale, III, serves as chairman of the firm. Joseph D. Pizzurro and Matias A. Vega serve as co-managing partners. A number of committees composed of partners, counsel and associates provide recommendations to the chairman and management committee on a wide range of firm management issues. Each of our offices has a managing partner, and each of our departments and practices is headed by a partner with overall responsibility for his or her area of practice.

Judicial Clerks

Curtis welcomes applications from judicial clerks. If you are a judicial clerk, you will be in good company at Curtis. Several of our attorneys have clerked for federal courts of appeals, federal district counts, bankruptcy courts, tax courts and various state courts. Clerkship experience is valued at the firm. Attorneys receive seniority credit for their clerkships and are placed in the appropriate class based on their prior experience. We also award clerkship bonuses that are competitive with those of our peer law firms. Judicial clerks are encouraged to apply after their clerkship, or during if permitted by their judge.

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