Article 02 Jul. 2020

Partner Antonio Prida and associate Irene Cuellar publish article on mediation in the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s legal magazine, "Opiniones técnicas sobre temas de relevancia nacional"

Mexico City-based partner Antonio M. Prida and associate Irene Cuéllar recently published an article entitled, “Mediation: An effective method for dealing with controversies arising from the measures taken in Mexico to deal with COVID-19,” in the 32nd. issue of “Opiniones técnicas sobre temas de relevancia nacional,” a legal magazine published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The 32nd. issue focuses on the sanitary emergency of COVID-19, and the importance of alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms in resolving legal conflicts emerging from the current situation. Mr. Prida and Mrs. Cuéllar’s article asserts that measures taken by the Mexican government are causing generalized non-compliance with contractual and legal obligations, which will surely generate a number of controversies, the volume of which could cause the judicial system to collapse. To help alleviate these effects, the authors suggest the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, especially mediation, facilitated by electronic tools. The authors explain the main advantages offered by mediation as opposed to litigation, and propose solutions that offer full legal certainty to their users, equal to those offered by Court judgments or arbitral awards.

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