News 12 Nov. 2018

Curtis Attorneys Win Important Precedential Decision Before Appellate Term, Second Department

At the request of Sanctuary for Families, the firm took on the appeal from an attorneys fee award to a landlord who had prevailed in a summary holdover proceeding against a Sanctuary client. The sums at issue were relatively small, but the trial court’s interpretation of the form lease terms at issue was a departure from prevailing law and posed a significant precedential threat to future tenant litigants who could face financial ruin, even where they agreed to consent to a holdover judgment of eviction. New York associate Ben Woodruff briefed and argued the appeal at the Appellate Term, Second Department in the matter, Sokolow v. Neumann-Werth. Oral argument was held on October 17. The appeal court’s decision and order reversing the trial court and dismissing the case in its entirety was issued on November 2.