News 30 Sep. 2015

Curtis Co-Sponsors Special Magna Carta Program in Mexico City Moderated by Antonio Prida

Curtis will co-sponsor a special event in Mexico City on September 30 in conjunction with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in 2015. The program will commemorate the enactment of the Magna Carta, which gave rise to the rule of law and human rights. The event is being presented jointly by COMCE (Mexican Council for International Trade and Transfer of Technology), the British Embassy in Mexico, the British Chamber of Commerce, and the Industrials Club.

Curtis partner Antonio Prida originated the idea for the program, which he also coordinated. He will serve as conductor of the discussions, which will be attended by about 400 people. Mr. Prida is vice-president of the Mexico-United Kingdom Committee of COMCE and a member of the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce. The high level panel he is moderating will include:

  • Mr. Duncan Taylor - Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Mexico
  • Lic. Eduardo Medina Mora - Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico
  • Dr. Óscar Cruz Barney - Member of the Institute of Legal Research of the National University
  • Dr. Rafael Estrada Michel - Director of INACIPE (National Institute of Criminal Sciences)
  • Dr. Paul Garner - Historian, Emeritus Professor of Leeds University

Mr. Prida also published an article in COMCE's monthly magazine on the origin and significance of the Magna Carta, which marked the first time in mankind that the power of monarchs was subject to the letter of law.