News 09 Jun. 2016

Investment Management Partners to Lead June 15 Webinar on Impact of DOL Fiduciary Rule on 3PMs

Curtis partners Javier Hernandez, Shaun Reader and Victor Zimmermann will present a special webinar, “The DOL Fiduciary Rule – What It Means for 3PMs and Their Manager Clients” on Wednesday June 15 at 3:00 pm EDT.

The webinar will address a number of key questions concerning the U.S. Department of Labor’s new rules, which address potential conflicts of interest in retirement advice, including:

• What actions will dictate whether a third party marketer and its manager clients are considered an ERISA Fiduciary?

• What is meant by a “recommendation”?

• Who is considered an “advice provider’ under the Rule?

• What exclusions are there from the rule?

• What is the BIC Exemption and its requirements should a firm want to rely on this to continue doing business

Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Reader and Mr. Zimmermann are all partners in Curtis’ Investment Management practice group.

Donna DiMaria, CEO & CCO at Tessera Capital Partners, LLC will moderate the session.

The DOL Fiduciary Rule webinar, presented by The Third Party Marketers Association (3PM), will also cover various scenarios that a 3PM many engage in and help participants understand how a firm’s actions can be evaluated to assess the implications of the rule.

Registration is free to all members of 3PM. For information on joining 3PM, please click here or contact 3PM HQ.