Event 19 Sep. 2023

Curtis Partners Address Diverse Panels at the IBA Annual Conference

Curtis partners John Balouziyeh, Simon Batifort and Jason Wright will speak on four panels at the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference in Paris, France, taking place from October 29 to November 3.

The IBA Annual Conference is the leading conference for legal professionals worldwide to meet, share knowledge, build contacts and develop business. It serves to advance the development of international law and its role in business and society, to provide members with world-class professional development opportunities to enable them to deliver outstanding legal services.

Corporate Liability for War Crimes

Internationally focused partner John Balouziyeh will speak on a panel entitled, “Corporate liability for war crimes: where do we stand and what are the challenges?” on Tuesday, October 31. This panel will address the risks which corporations can face when doing business in war zones and being possibly held liable as accomplices of war crimes.

Mr. Balouziyeh will also participate in another panel entitled, “Mind the gap: using regional mechanisms to create comprehensive accountability solutions,” on Wednesday, November 1. This session will address the issue as to whether regional human rights mechanisms can play a role in eliminating impunity for atrocity crimes and other serious crimes. Mr. Balouziyeh serves as an officer of the IBA Human Rights Law Committee and War Crimes Committee.

Intersection between Investment Arbitration and Insolvency

On Wednesday, November 1, international arbitration partner Simon Batifort will chair a panel on “Investment arbitration and insolvency.” In this session, panelists will discuss the preliminary findings of the IBA Arbitration Committee’s Insolvency and Arbitration Working Group on the intersection between investment arbitration and insolvency. Panelists will discuss issues relating to jurisdiction, attribution, merits, causation/damages and procedure. Mr. Batifort serves as an officer of the IBA Arbitration Committee and co-chair of its Insolvency and Arbitration Working Group.

Justice and Accountability in post conflict Investigations in Ukraine

On Thursday, November 2, litigation partner Jason Wright will speak on a panel entitled, “Advancing accountability in Ukraine and beyond?” The panel will focus on accountability efforts and whether the lessons learnt in the justice efforts in other conflicts have influenced best practices for investigations for international crimes in Ukraine.

For registration to attend the International Bar Association Annual Conference, visit this link.

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