Event 07 Jun. 2023

Elisa Botero Speaks on Latin America’s H2 Potential at AIEN’s International Energy Summit

On May 30, Partner Elisa Botero spoke at the Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN)’s International Energy Summit about Latin America’s potential to become a power player in the hydrogen economy.

Key takeaways from Ms. Botero’s conversation included the following:

  • Hydrogen has the potential to help countries in the Latin American region improve in all three dimensions of the energy trilemma (energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability).
  • The energy transition will reconfigure geopolitics, with power shifting from fossil-rich countries with critical minerals.
  • The smartest approach to jumpstart the hydrogen market, from both the demand and supply sides, is technology-agnostic/color-blind and focuses on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It is not "OR" but "AND": blue and green hydrogen need to be deployed simultaneously.
  • The challenges for the H2 industry are huge and include scalability, technology maturity, efficiency, costs, and infrastructure development. For the region, the greatest challenge is collective action.

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