Event 18 Mar. 2024

John Balouziyeh Speaks at Human Rights Law Conference, “Climate, Justice and the Law,” Tokyo

Curtis partner John Balouziyeh will be speaking at the International Bar Association Human Rights Law Conference, “Climate, Justice and Law,” to be held in Tokyo from 5 to 7 April. The conference, which is being organized by the IBA in association with the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations, will bring together leading attorneys and human rights law experts from around the world to discuss pressing issues in international human rights law, including matters impacting the business operations of multinational corporations.

A range of conference panels are lined up to address business and human rights, forced labor, children’s rights, anti-money laundering, ESG, supply chains, and human trafficking. Panel moderators and speakers will address a range of issues relevant to corporations operating in the energy, mining and defense sectors while also addressing human rights due diligence, the adoption of human rights policies and other measures that corporations can implement to mitigate risks of violating human rights law. Panelists will discuss strategies to reduce exposure to claims alleging corporate complicity in violations of international humanitarian law, human rights law and criminal law.

For details and to register, visit this link.