News 19 Mar. 2019

Partner Antonio Prida summarizes key takeaways from UIA 26th World Forum of Mediation Centres in El Seminario article

Mexico City-based partner Antonio Prida published an article in El Seminario summarizing the main conclusions of the Unión Internacional de Abogados’ (UIA’s) 26th World Forum of Mediation Centres. Mr. Prida represented Mexico at the forum, which took place from March 7-9 in Zurich, in his role as President of the Mediation Committee of ICC Mexico, together with President of the Mexican Institute of Mediation Francisco González de Cossío.

In his article, Mr. Prida states that the principal conclusion of the forum was that mediation, as the most civilized mechanism to resolve disputes, is under-utilized in part due to a lack of knowledge and awareness in society and within the legal sector. He also discusses concerns raised by mediation practitioners during the forum about the enforceability of agreements built by the parties during mediations, and describes how the Singapore Convention addresses this and other issues. Mr. Prida concludes the article by stating that he is in favor of Mexico signing the Singapore Convention next August.

To read the full article in Spanish, click here.

You can also read Mr. Prida’s article about the Singapore Convention, which appeared in El Seminario in July 2018, by clicking here.