News 06 Mar. 2023

Russia Sanctions at the First Anniversary: An Overview of Current Sanctions in the US, UK, and EU and How Global Companies Can Navigate Evolving and Conflicting Sanctions Regimes

Our Sanctions and Export Controls Committee hosted this webinar on March 15, 2023.

One year after increased sanctions against Russia, multinational companies continue to face a shifting sanctions environment. Join our Sanctions and Export Controls Committee as we discuss the current landscape of Russia-related sanctions in the US, EU, and UK, and provide compliance tips for businesses operating in a global marketplace. With a focus on key industries, enforcement priorities in 2023, and risk mitigation strategies, our panel will highlight practical considerations for global companies set on achieving compliance across multijurisdictional sanctions regimes.

The recording is available here.

Passcode: S@nctions2023

The presentation file is available here.