News 13 Feb. 2019

The Environmental Law Institute Welcomes Partner Charles B. Howland to its Leadership Council

Environmental group chair Charles B. Howland was recently appointed to the Environmental Law Institute's (ELI) Leadership Council, a group comprised of some of “the most prominent environment, energy, and natural resource leaders in the nation.” As a member of the Leadership Council, Mr. Howland will provide guidance to ELI’s leadership on its programs, share his expertise and engage with other leading environmental law practitioners, and help further ELI’s projects promoting effective environmental governance in the U.S. and in more than 27 countries around the world. He will also work with other Curtis attorneys to help develop CLE and related educational programs that will be hosted and co-sponsored by ELI.

ELI is an internationally recognized research and education center focused on protecting the environment through improved policy and governance worldwide, all in aid of its mission to encourage “a healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities founded on the rule of law.” ELI's members include government officials, legal professionals, academics, journalists, and other professionals.

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