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Data Protection and Privacy Law Practice

Curtis data protection lawyers help clients comply with their data protection obligations worldwide, with a team that advises on both U.S. and European data protection regimes.

U.S. Data Protection Advice

With its patchwork of interlocking state and federal data protection regimes, compliance with United States data protection laws present a substantial challenge to compliance for U.S. and foreign companies. Curtis attorneys advise U.S. and international clients on compliance with these myriad regulations, including federal regulations such as HIPAA, CANSPAM, and COPPA as well as state laws such as the CCPA.

European Data Protection Advice

Europe’s data privacy regulation – the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR – is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to enhance and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy rights and to reshape the way organizations processing personal data approach data privacy from the outset. GDPR gives individuals control over their own data. Where a business holds any individual European Resident’s data, including private email address, cellphone, street address, or even I.P. addresses, GDPR confers on every relevant individual the right to know what information is held on them, and to have such data deleted if they choose. Crucially, GDPR has a global reach - even companies outside the EU must consider their possible obligations under the Regulation.

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