At Curtis, training and development are essential at all stages of a lawyer's career. In order to serve the needs of both new and experienced attorneys, we provide:

  • Curtis in-house CLE programs (generally live presentations by Curtis attorneys or guests)
  • Practicing Law Institute (PLI) programs (live, video and online presentations offered by a third-party CLE provider)
  • Additional specialized training outside the firm.

Our in-house program consists of workshops and seminars on substantive legal issues in all areas of practice as well as legal ethics, business development and other foundations essential to intelligent lawyering and excellent client service.

Our Summer Associate and First-Year programs introduce our junior attorneys to the firm's major practice areas. Apart from those programs, training at Curtis typically is divided by department in order to effectively develop the knowledge and proficiency of each of our lawyers. Every department regularly holds seminars on practice-specific skills, important developments and emerging legal trends. For example, our corporate associates participate in workshops that walk them through the stages of an M&A transaction. Our litigators benefit from workshops to build deposition and trial techniques. Our litigators also participate in an intensive trial advocacy program that we run each year in conjunction with the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

Curtis programs are conducted, for the most part, by our own attorneys, including partners, counsel and associates. This allows Curtis attorneys to share the experience and insights that have made them among the most accomplished and successful attorneys in their areas of practice, as well as to communicate the special features of the Curtis style of practice. On occasion, we also bring in outside experts to provide their perspectives on topics such as public speaking and technology.

In addition to promoting the firm's core value of excellence in all elements of lawyering, our training programs foster our collegiality, as well as an exchange of ideas and experiences that enhance all aspects of our practice.