News 31 Mar. 2021

Martin Wolff Discusses German Real Estate Transfer Tax Reforms in InstitutionalMoney

Frankfurt-based associate Martin Wolff was featured in an article about real estate transfer tax reforms in Germany, entitled, “the Sword of Damocles over Transactions” (“Damoklesschwert über Transaktionen”), which was published in the most recent edition of InstitutionalMoney magazine (1/2021).

In the article, Mr. Wolff addresses questions about the current state of real estate transfer tax reform in Germany (Grunderwerbsteuerreform), including legal provisions currently still under discussion and expected to be enacted, which aim to curb tax avoidance through the use of share deals. He also discusses the law’s applicability to unit deals, which involve the transfer of shares issued by real estate funds.

To read the full article in German, please click here.

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