Event 13 Feb. 2023

Charlie Howland Speaks at the 25th Annual All India Forensics Conference, Presents Lectures on Environmental Law at the National Forensic Sciences University Law school in India

On February 3rd and 4th 2023 Curtis Partner and Environmental Chair Charlie Howland was a speaker at the 25th Annual All India Forensics Conference and Inaugural Hackathon, held at the main campus of India’s National Forensic Sciences University in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India for law enforcement personnel from across the country. He discussed how best to address chain of custody issues during the investigation of environmental crimes and other pollution-related events.

During the following week he gave three lectures as part of NFSU Law School’s Global Learning Week, including:

  • "A Brief history of the Development of Environmental Law in the U.S.: from Common Law Remedies to Command and Control and Other Regulatory Regimes”
  • “Different Regulatory Mechanisms Used in U.S. and other Countries' Environmental Law”
  • “Lessons from the 1984 Gas Release in Bhopal: Deciding How Much Facility-Specific Environmental Information Should be Made Available to the Public When Balancing the “War on Terror" and the "Right to Know.”

NFSU, including its law school, is an “Institution of National Importance” under the auspices of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and is the world’s first and only university dedicated to the study of forensic sciences.