Event 02 Oct. 2019

Claudia Frutos-Peterson and Borzu Sabahi Lead ILI Advanced International Arbitration Training Sessions for the Philippines Office of Solicitor General

Washington, D.C. Managing Partner Claudia Frutos-Peterson and Partner Borzu Sabahi are leading advanced international arbitration workshops hosted by the International Law Institute for delegates from the Philippines’ Office of Solicitor General as part of a three-week training program taking place in Washington, D.C. from September 30 through October 18. The program emphasizes hands-on training focusing on various aspects of a hypothetical dispute involving a major oil project in a South East Asian Country, and will culminate in a mock arbitration.

On October 2, Ms. Frutos-Peterson taught a session on the topic “Consent, Governing Law and Ratione Temporis,” and Mr. Sabahi presented a workshop entitled, “Refresher on notions of Investors, Investment, and Arbitration.” On October 4, Mr. Sabahi will lead a session on the topic of “Damages.”

Mr. Sabahi also serves as the course advisor and was the primary designer of the program. He was assisted by Associate Marija Ozolins, who contributed to the design and preparation of various training materials, including the mock scenario.