Event 30 Oct. 2019

Curtis Chairman George Kahale III and DC Office Arbitration Partners host ILI 2019 Seminars on Natural Gas Development

Washington, D.C. Managing Partner Claudia Frutos-Peterson and partner Borzu Sabahi will lead a two days advanced international arbitration seminars hosted by the International Law Institute as part of a week-long training program taking place in Washington, D.C. from October 21 through October 25. The program examines the policy, regulatory and commercial aspects of various issues to provide a strategic understanding of the natural gas value chain and the contributing factors for successful natural gas sector development.

On October 29, London partners Ryan Hansen and Bradley Doline will speak on the topic, “Gas Aspects of Upstream Contracts; and Special Provisions for Gas Development in Investment Laws.” This session will be followed by Ms. Frutos-Peterson speaking on the topic of “Investor-State Arbitration Fundamentals” and by Justin Jacinto, who will lead a seminar about “Resolution of Investor State Arbitration Disputes in the Natural Gas Sector.”

On October 30, New York associate Susan Maples will present a seminar on the topic “Intergovernmental Gas Pipeline Agreements.” Later, London counsel Juan Carlos Boue will explore the topic of “Taxation and Community Returns to Hydrocarbons Production in Australia.” London partner Timi Balogun will conduct a session on “Damages and Enforcement in Investor State Arbitration and Enforcement” and the chairman George Kahale will conclude the day with the topic of “Damages.”