Event 27 May. 2021

Curtis Partners Speak at the Fifth ICC Africa Conference on International Arbitration

Partners Timi Balogun and Antonia Birt will speak at the 5th ICC Africa Conference on International Arbitration, which will be held in English and French on June 3-4, 2021. The event is hosted by ICC Arbitration and ICC Nigeria.

Mr. Balogun will participate in a debate-style session on June 4, entitled, “Have regional initiatives expanded the scope of Arbitration practice in Africa?” which will focus on regional initiatives to grow arbitration in Africa, as well as the impacts, flaws, and proposed solutions to identified problems in these initiatives.

Ms. Birt will speak on a panel about "Sustaining the Value of International Arbitration through the Tool of Ethics: A Word from the Stakeholders," which will examine the development and importance of ethics in international arbitration, complexities of various ethical issues and ethical duties in international arbitration, and the applicability of ethical guidelines or the need for enforceable ethical norms.

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