News 10 Jul. 2018

Curtis Partners to Present at the Sovereign Wealth Fund Academy Hosted by SDA Bocconi in Milan

Curtis partners Carl A. Ruggiero and Shaun Reader are presenting a session entitled “Sovereign Investment Models and Tools: Objectives and Governance” at the Sovereign Wealth Fund Academy hosted by SDA Bocconi this week in Milan. Designed in collaboration with the Sovereign Investment Lab and the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, the Academy is an intensive and comprehensive 5-day executive education program that includes talks by top scholars and renowned experts in the field of sovereign investment funds. The session conducted by Curtis partners will address legal issues relating to formation, governance and ethics, as formulated and guided by the Santiago Principles endorsed by International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Fund (IFSWF) members.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund Academy will be held from July 9−13, 2018. Some of the key topics to be covered here include global, economic and social megatrends, creating long-term value and governance for sovereign institutions.