Publications 13 May. 2019

Lesefassung zur FinVermV

In June 2019 German investment brokers and investment advisors, who are currently unregulated and acting under the trade regulation, will become subject to a stricter regulatory regime. These investment brokers and investment advisors are only allowed to broker a restricted product portfolio, mainly shares in funds.

The new regulation mirrors some MiFID II rules (such as the handling of conflicts of interest, telephone taping of investment advice, and suitability tests for investors). At the same time, BaFin will become the newly appointed supervisory authority for these investment brokers. German politics aims at aligning investment brokers acting under the trade regulation and fully licensed investment brokers.

We provide a reading version of the new regulation (FinVermV), which is currently not available in this form elsewhere. If you need to align internal processes with the new regulation you might find our readable version of the regulation’s text helpful. It can be downloaded from our blog.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Verena Ritter-Döring or Charlotte Dreisigacker