Publications 28 Jun. 2022

Michael McMillen Publishes Volumes 1 and 2 of a Series on the History of Equipment Finance

Partner Michael McMillen has published the first two volumes of his series on “The History of Equipment Finance,” which will comprise six volumes focusing on the origin and development of equipment finance in the United States from 1832 to 1967. Volume 1 is subtitled “Literature, Law, Coal in the Time of Cholera,” and spans from 1832-1833. Volume 2, subtitled “Locks & Canals and Baltimore & Susquehanna,” covers the years 1838-1840. Volumes 3 and 4 are expected to be published toward the end of 2022.

The series follows Mr. McMillen’s books “Lost in Florida: Prelude to Equipment Finance” and, as an outtake from Volume 3 of the series, “Tracks of the Mohegan: A Second Engine Mystery.”

For more information about Mr. McMillen’s published works, please visit his author profile on Amazon.