News 18 Nov. 2014

Peter Wolrich to Introduce ICC Arbitration Toolkit to Latin America at Nov. 25 Mexico City Workshop

Peter Wolrich, co-chair of Curtis' International Arbitration practice, will introduce to Latin America the International Chamber of Commerce's new guide to arbitration, “Effective Management of Arbitration: A Guide for In-House Counsel and Other Party Representatives.

Mr. Wolrich, formerly the chair of the ICC's Commission on Arbitration, will present the toolkit at the ICC's Workshop for In-House Counsel in Arbitration Proceedings on November 25 in Mexico City.

The guide will provide in-house counsel and external lawyers representing the parties in dispute with a practical toolkit for decision-making during the arbitration proceeding, taking into account the complexity of the case as well as the reduction of time and costs. The guide was created for in-house counsel that participate in any arbitration proceeding, whether these involve small or large amounts of damages, multi-party and multi-contract arbitrations.

The workshop will focus in particular on:

  • In-house Counsel on the Eve of Arbitration: Preliminary Considerations,” where the panel will analyze the questions that arise with regards to the drafting and negotiation of arbitration clauses, the use of dispute resolution methods other than arbitration (negotiation, mediation, dispute boards, etc.), the selection of external lawyers and the selection of arbitrators.
  • “An Arbitration Made to Fit: Creativity and Efficiency by All Means” which will study the Request for Arbitration, Answer, Preliminary Hearing, Terms of Reference and Procedural Timetable.
  • “The Course of Arbitration and In-house Counsel” which will analyze the topics of Evidence, Hearing, Settlement and Final Stage: Conclusions and Costs.

In conjunction with Peter Wolrich's launch of the ICC arbitration toolkit, Curtis Mexico City partner Antonio Prida published an article in Mexico's Comercio magazine on “How to Reduce the Cost and Time of Arbitration.” Comercio magazine is the monthly publication of COMCE (Mexican Council for International Trade and Transfer of Technology).