What is cybersquatting?

Cybersquatting refers to the practice of registering domain names likely to be coveted or desired by businesses and companies. A cybersquatter often sits on, or “squats,” on the property in the hopes that he or she will be paid for the domain name. The term “cybersquatting” originates with the practice of squatting, which refers to people who reside in addresses they have no legal right to live in.

How are domain names trademarks and cybersquatting related?

You may wonder what is cybersquatting and when is it illegal? Cybersquatting is prohibited when a company has registered a domain name trademark and a cybersquatter carries on business through that domain name in a way that is likely to confuse or mislead a consumer into thinking they are dealing with the holder of the trademark or someone authorized by the holder of the trademark.

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