News 18 Jan. 2007

Curtis Partner Carl A. Ruggiero, Frankfurt Counsel Marc V. Kramer and Associate Thomas Laurer were interviewed by Hedgework and spoke at a Hedgework event

Curtis partner Carl A. Ruggiero, Frankfurt counsel Marc V. Kramer and associate Thomas Laurer were interviewed by Hedgework, an organization that brings together members of the alternative investment and hedge fund industry in Germany. The discussion focused on structuring international hedge funds and the latest trends in hedge funds. The interview has been published on Hedgework's website was also circulated directly to all Hedgework members (around 500 people from the German alternative investment industry/community).

Shortly after the interview, Mr. Ruggiero, Mr. Kramer and Mr. Laurer spoke at a monthly Hedgework event in Frankfurt on “Convergence of hedge funds and private equity-legal aspects of an international trend.”