News 21 Aug. 2015

Ghana, Counseled by Curtis, Wins Arbitration Case Against Two Foreign-Owned Mining Companies

Curtis successfully represented Ghana in a significant ICC arbitration, winning complete dismissal of a US$200 million claim filed by two companies, Dunkwa Continental Goldfields Ltd. and Continental Construction and Mining Company Limited, arising out of the termination in 2005 of a 1995 contract relating to one of Ghana's state-owned mining companies. The ICC-constituted tribunal also found in favor of Ghana on one of its counterclaims for the reimbursement of a US$700,000 loan and awarded Ghana US$3.1 million of its costs.

Ben Preziosi led Curtis' representation of Ghana. Also instrumental in the defense were Peter Stewart, Justin Jacinto, Alexandra Maier and Sena Tsikata. The story was reported by GAR (PDF available below).