Event 28 Oct. 2021

Simon Batifort Speaks at International Law Association’s 99th Annual Meeting

Partner Simon Batifort will participate in a rapid-response panel discussion on “The Meaning of Silence in International Law,” as part of the American Branch of the International Law Association’s 99th Annual Meeting (“International Law Weekend”), taking place from October 28-30, 2021.

Mr. Batifort and his co-panelists will address questions arising from silence in international treaties, including:

  • Does silence in international treaties mean that something is permitted or precluded?
  • Does silence give rise to an inference that a treaty is lex specialis or does it justify integrating international norms from different regimes?
  • Can a State that remains silent be deemed to have acquiesced to a situation or be estopped from later challenging it?

To view the full conference agenda, please click here.