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International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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What is the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)?

The International Chamber of Commerce is an organization designed to promote international trade and investment as means of achieving growth and prosperity.

The ICC’s flagship International Court of Arbitration administers arbitration proceedings involving international commercial and business disputes. The International Court of Arbitration ensures proper application of the ICC Rules, and assists parties and arbitrators in overcoming procedural hurdles. These goals are supported by the Court’s Secretariat, which consists of more than 80 lawyers and support personnel. English and French are the Court’s official working languages.

The ICC also offers conciliation services and other resources for businesses around the world.

What are the ICC Rules of Arbitration?

The rules of International Chamber of Commerce arbitration (ICC) regulate and define the management of cases referred to the International Court of Arbitration. Rules of arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce cover topics ranging from the selection of arbitrators and the joinder or severance of parties, to the conduct of the arbitration itself.

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