News 13 Mar. 2012

Curtis and Peter Wolrich Receive Honors at GAR Awards

Curtis was named one of the world's top 30 firms in international arbitration by Global Arbitration Review at its annual awards dinner in Stockholm on March 8. This ranking follows the recognition of Curtis by The American Lawyer last July as one of the world's leading firms in international arbitration.

At the GAR Awards gala, Peter Wolrich, co-chair of the firm's International Arbitration Group, who is also Chairman of the Commission on Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), accepted two awards on behalf of the ICC: i) for “Sustained Contribution to Best Practice,” described as “a lifetime achievement award for an organization” by the chair of GAR’s editorial board; and ii) for “Best Development of 2011” for the unveiling of the ICC's new arbitration rules last September. Peter was instrumental in drafting and implementing the new rules as Chairman of the ICC's Task Force on the Revision of the ICC Rules of Arbitration.